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Air compressors are some of the most versatile machines in the workshop. They can be used to power pneumatic drills and saws, spray painting, and with the proper safety attachments, inflating tyres and rafts...Read More

When you undertake a restoration or construction project, having the proper tools for the job is vital. We understand it can become expensive to purchase equipment essential to completing projects effectively...Read More

Opting for concrete tool hire over outright owning it makes financial sense for businesses and tradies. The benefits of hiring are wide-ranging and far outweigh those of owning equipment. If you are looking for a...Read More

It is almost always more economical to hire large equipment and machines unless used nearly every day of the year. It is also vital to rent suitable machinery for the job and know that it can do the job effectively within...Read More

With the assistance of our generator hire, your worksite can stay operational even when you’re not close to traditional power points. We have a range of generators available to help you keep your lights and power...Read More

Whether you’re a tradie or a construction manager, it’s almost impossible to acquire every piece of equipment you may need for a project. Sometimes, unexpected events occur on the site that demand specific tools...Read More

Whether you are moving house, disposing of residential or garden refuse, or moving tools, machines, equipment, or other materials, contact us today for professional trailer hire in South Auckland. We offer a wide...Read More

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