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Power Tool Hire

Trust us for Your Power Tool Hire

Whether you’re a tradie or a construction manager, it’s almost impossible to acquire every piece of equipment you may need for a project. Sometimes, unexpected events occur on the site that demand specific tools. The question is, what do you do in that situation? Instead of spending money to purchase new gear, you could benefit from power tool hire. It won’t require a significant initial investment yet, and you can still complete the project on time. No. 8 Hire is a reputable company in South Auckland with various tools on offer, such as a nail gun for hire or a weed eater for hire.

Benefits of a Chainsaw Rental

Whatever project you’re facing, you must identify a cost-effective solution for your machinery and tool needs. It’s become standard practice for large construction companies to hire the equipment they need due to several benefits on offer. In an unpredictable market, it’s essential to look after your bottom line and spending money on the acquisition of expensive equipment is not ideal. Take a look at what’s in store for you when you opt for a chainsaw for hire.

  • The most apparent benefit of hiring equipment is that it’s cost-effective. The cost of new tools is prohibitive, especially larger plant moving machinery. Your operation may not have the additional funds to allocate to new gear. However, by hiring the tools you need for a project, you pay a fraction of the costs and still have reserves available for other unexpected expenses. Furthermore, you must factor in the maintenance costs of the tools. Over time, they will require further investment, which can become burdensome. However, those elements are none of your concerns when renting the tools.

  • When you’re completing a project, you may need several tools for different parts of the build. Hiring the gear offers you the opportunity to select high-quality options that you wouldn’t have afforded if you decided to purchase the equipment. Since the rental market is competitive, you can expect the tools and machinery to include new technology, increasing your efficiency on the job site.

  • Owning equipment can be a headache at times. Apart from the maintenance costs involved, you’ll need proper storage space to avoid damaging the tools or machinery. Additionally, leaving these items out in the open or in a place that’s easily accessible can be tempting for criminals. So, hiring the equipment you need erases these potential problems.

  • Hiring equipment offers you flexibility in obtaining the gear you need for the current issues you’re experiencing on site. Furthermore, if there are breakages or a halt in productivity because of the lack of equipment, hiring the items you need will quickly get your project back on track.


What to Expect From us Regarding a Hedge Trimmer for Hire

When you explore the catalogue of tools and equipment we have for hire, it covers every aspect you can think about. Landscaping is but one section we cater to by offering hedge trimmers, amongst other tools.

  • Our products are high-quality, including the STIHL hedge trimmer. It features a 620-millimetre bar with a total length of 1150 millimetres. Furthermore, this power tool is completely portable as it has a battery pack to deliver its power. You can use this trimmer for 223 minutes on a full charge.

  • The line trimmer for hire is also a STIHL product, so you can be confident that it will perform effectively on your landscaping projects. This tool requires petrol to operate as it sports a 40.2cc engine that delivers about 1.6 kilowatts. Carrying the trimmer around won’t be an issue as it weighs a mere six kilograms and has a 177-centimetre loop handle with a shoulder strap.

  • The effects of autumn can be annoying for homeowners across South Auckland. Dried leaves can be harmful if they lodge themselves in the gutters or drains, so it’s wise to remove them before you have a problem. Additionally, dust and other dirt pose a similar threat, but you can use our leaf blower for hire when you're landscaping the property. It only weighs 2.8-kilograms and has a battery pack to deliver power. This STIHL leaf blower can run for approximately 26 minutes - enough to get rid of those pesky leaves on a full charge.

Why Choose No. 8 Hire for Your Equipment

We provide high-quality equipment and ensure that you have nothing to worry about when you hire from us. Since we think of our customers as mates, you can rest easy knowing that we won’t let you down. Whatever equipment you require, we can deliver it directly to you to save you time and get your project underway.


Contact the number one team for tool hire in South Auckland today for your needs.

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