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Tool Hire

Making Quality Tool Hire Affordable With No. 8 Hire

When you undertake a restoration or construction project, having the proper tools for the job is vital. We understand it can become expensive to purchase equipment essential to completing projects effectively and within a specific timeframe. By making tool hire easy and affordable, we enable our customers to perform their duties without concerns about budget restraints or having access to the equipment they need.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Tool Hire in NZ

We take a proactive approach towards our equipment hiring services by ensuring that we offer the most extensive variety of tools available, removing the need to scour the entire internet for machinery. With so many different trades, ranging from construction and carpentry to landscaping and painting, we believe it’s essential to support each industry with the necessary equipment. Among our diverse range of equipment, we can supply you with:

  • Lifting equipment. If you find it challenging to use a ladder while painting a ceiling, you could make your life much easier with one of our scissor lifts or cherry pickers. Meant to remove the burden and danger of manually hoisting equipment or staff to a higher elevation, our lifting equipment enables your team to do their jobs safely.

  • Power tool hire. Whether you plan on constructing a treehouse, removing a concrete floor, or installing a post, we have the tools for you. We take equipment hiring to another level by offering you different options on most of our power tools, including cordless power drills, battery or petrol chainsaws, circular saws and concrete breakers.

  • Builder tools. We genuinely have it all, from nail guns and sledgehammers to sanders and wheelbarrows. Instead of trying to purchase tools that you might never use again, rather consider hiring equipment for the duration of your project.

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How We Make Tool Hire Easy in Auckland

Managing a construction project efficiently can become burdensome, especially when moving equipment around or ensuring that your tools are in working order. We feel that tradespeople are only as good as their equipment and see to the regular maintenance of our tools so that nothing will stop working when you need it most. By providing you with the opportunity to have our construction equipment delivered to your building site, we ensure that:

  • You won’t have to leave your building site for odds and ends. When you’re managing a construction project with countless moving parts, it can become tough to take stock of what you need or what you forgot. By allowing you to choose all the tools you need from our convenient online store, we can ensure that you don’t forget anything.

  • Your construction crews can perform their duties without interruption. Rather than sending your staff to find the tools you need, we can help maintain a steady workflow by delivering whatever you require in record time.

  • Projects can stay on track. With most construction projects, time is of the essence, and a lack of proper equipment can influence whether a project is successful or not. Make sure that you utilise our tool rental delivery services and keep your clients content.

About No. 8 Hire

Operating as a local Kiwi business, we notice what our community needs to thrive and provide the means to make construction projects seamless and straightforward. We encourage our clients to ask our technicians any questions about their projects or our products, as our team of knowledgeable staff has ample experience. By giving you valuable insight into what equipment you might need for your specific project, we can bring value to your undertakings and ensure that you prepare sufficiently. The next time you think of buying a new piece of machinery, consider using our drill for hire or consult one of our team members to find the right tool for the job.


If you ever wonder where to look for a hammer drill to hire, give us a call, and we can drop it off without a hassle. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the different power tools we offer.

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