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Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire for Any Project

It is almost always more economical to hire large equipment and machines unless used nearly every day of the year. It is also vital to rent suitable machinery for the job and know that it can do the job effectively within the allotted time frame. We have a diverse range of tools and excavator hire options for builders and homeowners who want to get the work finished and not worry about machine maintenance, return on investment and down-time.

What Digger Hire Is Available?

Renting the correct machine for the job is always important, as it saves time and operating costs. We have several different earthmoving machines available for hire, so choosing the right one is easy. We also have helpful attachments for the machines so that they are not limited to simply scooping dirt. A brief overview of our excavator hire in NZ includes:

  • Mini excavators. Three sizes of mini excavators are available to do the work for you. We have a 1.7, a 2.5 and a 5-tonne machine, each with either a 200mm or 300mm bucket. Fitted with the necessary ROPS for your safety, these digging machines have their own trailers delivered on-site for immediate work. Digging depth exceeds two metres.

  • Compact skid steers. The tracked mini digger hire in NZ is popular for heavy work in confined areas or when you don’t want a big machine on site. The small skidder lifts 563kg, and the big mini skid has the strength for 1238kg of building rubble. The top speed of 7.2km/h will eventually get you there, but each skid steer also has its own transport trailer.

  • Skid steers. We have a 2.5-tonne mighty skid steer for large jobs with limited manoeuvring space. The bucket is 1.68 metres wide and can be removed and several other different attachments fitted. This is the best machine for quickly clearing large construction sites.

  • Tipper trucks and dumpers. A 300kg powered dumper and a high tip dumper with its own shovel will move material efficiently around the construction site, alleviating the need for backbreaking trips with a wheelbarrow. You’ll also have a 3-tonne tipper truck hire at your disposal so that you can responsibly dump all the rubble at designated sites.

1.7T digger.jpg

What Attachments Do We Have for Excavator Rental?

The excavators and the skid steers are fitted with buckets as standard equipment, but through various attachments, you can change their functionality radically. A quick list of our most popular attachments are given below, and other attachments can be arranged so that you get the job done.

Auger post hole borer.jpg
  • Auger. We have heavy-duty augers for both the excavators and the mini skid steers so that you can quickly bore holes for poles, fences and trees. Various diameter bits are available, ranging from 100mm to 600mm. The standard depth can be extended with shafts. This is the fastest method and sure beats using a spade.

  • Ripper. The purpose of the ripper is to break hard soil or tarred surfaces. Our mini excavators can be fitted with a seriously-sized ripper that will significantly ease the removal of old surface coverings.

  • Rock breaker. This is basically a giant jackhammer attached to the mini excavator for hire and is ideal for breaking up concrete surfaces and old foundations. The length and shape of the chisel can be changed for the type of work. The maximum working depth is about 275mm.

  • Leveling bar. The leveling bar for the mini skid steer is the best tool when you wish to create a level surface. The method of operation is relatively simple because all you do is drive back and forth with the bar set to the desired level.

  • Road broom. The broom attachments for the mini digger for hire is excellent for cleaning streets, walkways and large sheds. The integrated hopper collects all the debris, making it easy to dump at one designated point for later removal. The brushing action is also slightly abrasive, removing weeds from paving.

  • Trencher. The trencher tools are available for excavators and mini skid steers, making laying pipes and cables a quick job. The attachment for the skid steer makes a trench 150mm wide and up to 900mm deep, with settings for 450, 600 and 750mm also marked; the trencher for the excavators has a maximum depth of 600mm.

About No. 8 Hire

We are located in Drury, Auckland and have a wide range of machines and equipment available. You have the option of picking up the equipment from our yard, or we can deliver it. All our large machines have their own trailers.


Contact us with your queries, and our friendly staff will help assess your requirements, making sure that you rent the best earthmoving machine for the job.

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