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Generator Hire

Keep Your Worksite Operational With Our Services for Generator Hire

With the assistance of our generator hire, your worksite can stay operational even when you’re not close to traditional power points. We have a range of generators available to help you keep your lights and power tools online. With No. 8 Hire, you can access the tools you need during all your projects.

Main Reasons You Might Need a Generator for Hire From Our Team

There are many reasons to consider power generator hire. Our team put together a brief list so that you can get ahead of possible scenarios where you’re left without power. Consider some of the main reasons you might need a generator:

  • You can use our generators for emergency power. Some artisans cannot afford to go without power during their jobs, making a generator an excellent option. Should you experience a power outage, you won’t have to worry about your tools going offline.

  • Our generators can provide energy in otherwise powerless areas. Not all sites have ready access to electricity, but it can if you use a generator. We have a range of options that include enough power to help you keep anything online, from a few lights to extensively power-hungry tools and machines.

  • You can use some of our generators on the move. With some of our generators providing high portability, you can move them around from one site to the next. A generator can assist if you require power at separate locations for brief periods during the same day.

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Things to Consider Before Using Our Services for Generator Hire in NZ

You might wonder which will best suit your requirements with the various options available. To help you make a more informed decision, consider some of our tips for choosing the right generator:

  • Consider how much power you need. This point is arguably the most important since different generators can provide you with varied power output. If, for example, you plan to use a generator primarily for a few lights, you can get away with a smaller option. Likewise, should you need to run a large number of appliances and tools, you’re better off using our larger machines, such as the 20kVA Diesel Generator.

  • Consider what level of portability you need. Some of our generators, such as the 2.6kVA Inverter Petrol Generator, are small enough to move around on your own. Our previously mentioned 20kVA generator will require heavy lifting equipment such as a forklift. If you need portability, smaller options are a better choice.

  • Consider whether you prefer a petrol or diesel-powered generator. We offer options for both, but you should note that our diesel generators are the most powerful. Should you have a preference and not know which generator would be best, our professionals can always help you decide based on your project requirements.

About Our Services for Generator Rental and Other Products

We strive to provide accessible tradie equipment to everyone. Whether you need air compressor, chainsaw, or diesel generator hire, we have the right tools for the job. Our professionals can quickly assist you with more information on our products if you have difficulty choosing. With the assistance of No. 8 Hire, you will always have access to reliable, high-quality tradie equipment that allows you to finish your jobs on budget.


The next time you need emergency or off-the-grid power, give us a call or browse our online store to find an effective generator that will keep your appliances running.

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